What is fiericon?

FieriCon is a collection of Guy Fieri enthusiasts who are going on a bar crawl in his honor. It will start at The Hog Pit and end at Guy's American Kitchen and Bar on November 19th. A full list of bars will be announced a few weeks before the 19th. You can join the crawl at any time. You do not have to dress like Guy Fieri but it is highly encouraged. 


WHAT IS vision behind fiericon?

The idea for FieriCon is based on several simple visions:

1. A couple is out for a nice casual Saturday at their local watering hole. They're sitting down, looking into each other's eyes, sharing a plate of bruschetta and commenting on how much they love September in New York. Right as the guy is about to make a cheesy comment about how he loves her more than he loves September...BOOOM...60 people dressed up as Guy Fieri come rolling into the bar screaming, "Welcome to Flavor Town!"

2. The sayings. Guy Fieri's sayings are one of a kind. He can describe a bacon cheeseburger as being "Gangster" and make it sound appetizing. This day is dedicated to talking like Guy Fieri. I don't want to feel persecuted for describing food as being off the hook, I want to be celebrated for that.

3. Guy Fieri himself. The first annual FieriCon will surely be a success. This is going to turn into an event that has 6 bars and 60 people in year one, to an even that has 15 bars and 300 people in year two. By year 3, Guy Fieri is going be a part of FieriCon. He will be waiting for us at Guy's American Kitchen and Bar and he'll be giving out fist pumps to the first thousand people who walk through those doors, and that may be the best day of my life. 

Guy with the squad. By 2018, he'll have his arms wrapped around all of us.